Sound Capital Advisors consult on capital structure and manage the debt placement process. We work closely with the business and investors to find the best capital structure to fit strategic goals.

Mission Statement

Allow management teams to focus on “running” the business, while Sound Capital Advisors focus on “funding the business”.

Delivering resources to help companies create the most cost effective capital structure to accomplish the goals of ownership.

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Sound Capital Advisors
Seattle, WA



Value Added Service Provider

Allows your team to focus on running the business while we focus on funding your business

Deep market knowledge drives the best possible pricing on debt or equity

Strategic analysis of capital structure finds the right financial partners to meet the needs of your company

Cost savings via minimization of legal and other outside fees by having a dedicated person managing the process

Extensive network of local service providers allows us to deliver the best possible Should be your business

Our Process

  • STEP 1:Collect and review existing financial information to evaluate appropriate capital options
  • STEP 2:Clarification of strategic goals with ownership
  • STEP 3:Identify potential capital sources that sync with ownership goals
  • STEP 4:Create or enhance investor presentation and financial models
  • STEP 5:Manage discussions with capital providers